20 Good scholarships for high school students in Canada 2019

Are you looking for Good scholarships for high school students in Canada?Google for “scholarships in Canada” and you will get hundreds of pages. But you don’t get application process, evaluation criteria and timeline to apply. Good news!We’ve curated top 20 strong scholarships in Canada that you must apply, provided you meet their criteria.We’ve covered everything that you need to know to successfully submit your scholarship applications.

Scholarships for international high school students in Canada

Some scholarship packages are available because Canada is committed to participation in international study and research partnerships that build understanding among peoples, develop global citizens and leaders, and contribute to the development of nations.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) is responsible for the Government of Canada’s participation in major International Scholarship Programs.

Getting these scholarships might have been paraded as very difficult to get, indeed, slim are the chances of getting some high rated scholarships, still, people get them, do they not? Then why not you?

There are certain factors that limit one’s chances of gaining a scholarship and negligence of these factors limits one’s chances of gaining scholarships. The major things to note are usually your eligibility. It is important to note which scholarships you are eligible for before applying.

method to Get Scholarships in Canada

If you are asking the question of “how to get a scholarship in Canada“? Once you have found out if you are eligible for the scholarship, then check the specified regions where the scholarship can be used and ensure that it applies to you.

Then check the use of the scholarship, some scholarships are specified for just tuition, which means you cannot use it for other expenses like exam fees, and other supplemental fees.

The next thing would be to gather the required documents for the scholarship applications. It is most often important that you talk to your school teacher or counselor to guide you through the application.

Ensure to meet up with the deadlines for application, and submit your application documents as early as possible. It is highly advised to apply to as many scholarships can you can. It increases your chances of winning scholarships.

High School Scholarship Application

Below are some scholarships for High School Studies; you might want to apply to as many as applies to you.

YFU-USA Key Club/Key Leader Scholarship:

This scholarship is specified for active members or alumni of their high school’s key club. It is worth 2 000 dollars and is applicable for travel in nearly 40 countries. There may be language requirements for some of these countries. You can check out YFU-USA’s scholarship database at http://yfuusa.org/american-students/scholarships.php.

Official scholarship website

Define Yourself Scholarship:

This scholarship is restricted to High School Seniors who are planning to attend college in the next academic year. It is awarded every month to students for being themselves. It is worth 500 dollars and is not awarded based on academic merit. Applicants would have to create a personal profile on GoEnnounce and fill out details about themselves. Winning does not limit one, if one keeps an updated profile on GoEnnounce, one is considered for this scholarship.

Official scholarship link

Brandon Goodman Scholarship:

This scholarship is open to students who have a grade point average of 2.0 and above. They are required to complete a 250 – word essay about their academic goals and contribute to their community. It is open to high school and university students studying abroad. The scholarship is worth 300 dollars and it is unrestricted.

Official scholarship link

US State Department Scholarships:

This scholarship is provided by the state government of the United States. It is open to high school students studying abroad and depends on the region of study and the field of focus of the major as it is limited to fields opened by the state government. The scholarship is based on a competitive selection process. The value of the awards varies.

Official scholarship link

Vaya an Americana Latina Scholarship:

This scholarship is based on academic merit and covers half of the student’s tuition for one year or semester program. Applicants are expected to meet the program requirements for eligibility for the semester or the year program. The scholarship is limited to AFS and Costa Rica and Argentinian participants only and the value of the award varies.

Official scholarship link

CIEE Program Scholarships:

This scholarship is available for students studying abroad with CIEE. The scholarship is a partial scholarship and is available to CIEE students in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, and Spain programs.

Official scholarship link

Yoshi-Hattori Memorial Scholarship:

There is a full scholarship for students to study abroad in Japan. The scholarship is based on academic merit and for the AFS study abroad program in Japan. To apply, a candidate must write four essays based on current prompts. The scholarship is restricted to AFS Japan participants only.

Official scholarship link

Viaggio Italiano Scholarship:

This scholarship is available for students who have no prior knowledge of the Italian language. The scholarship is neither based on financial need nor academic merit, but it can be a combined With the Global Leaders’ Need-Based Scholarship of AFS as described at http://www.afsusa.org/study-abroad/scholarships/global-leaders-aid/. The scholarship is worth 2 000 dollars.

Official scholarship link

Halsey Fund Scholarship:

This scholarship is available for students with outstanding academic records and who did not attend SYA on self-support financially. The award is both merit-based and demonstrated financial need. The scholarship is worth full tuition and airfare to and fro the program in China, Italy, Spain, and France. It is limited to SYA participants only.

Official scholarship link

Abbey Road Programs Summer Fellowships & Scholarships:

This scholarship is available for two students for their summer programs. Recipients are expected to share experiences from their study trip on Abbey Road’s blog. The stories have the possibility of being featured on the website of Abbey Road. The scholarship is worth 500 or 1000 dollars.

Official scholarship link

Experiment in International Learning Scholarships:

this scholarship is worth 250 – 3 000 dollars and is available for students who are EIL alumni or whose family members are alumni and have a clear interest in the thematic focus of the program.

Official scholarship link

National Language Security Initiative:

offers a full scholarship for students studying Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Korean, Persian (Tajik), Russian and Turkish through one of their programs.

Official scholarship link

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad Program:

offers a full scholarship for students to spend a semester or an academic year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Oman, Thailand, and Turkey, as a participant in the “YES” program.

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