A New Hope For International Students Wishing to study in USA, 2020


A New Hope For International Students Wishing to study in USA, 2020 – Here is another opportunity to study abroad. No doubt, it was seemingly difficult to study abroad especially USA. But, as the world grow economically, so many opportunities abound. One of these opportunities is the opportunity to study in USA. This is made easier because the US government is collaborating with so many organisations to offer scholarships to African students to do their PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate programs.
Though, many might have found it somewhat difficult to study abroad because the US scholarship scheme record a large number of applicant annually owing the African population which is ever increasing daily, but, you can make it easier for yourself if you follow the instructions given to you in this platform.

A New Hope For International Students Wishing to study in USA, 2020

Before we reveal the guides, let’s take some time to discuss the challenges people usually experience.

One of the major reasons some students don’t succeed in international scholarships is fear. Candidates don’t take the bull by the horns. This is caused by the fear of the unknown.
Secondly, lack of information. Information is the key to success. Someone who has no good information cannot perform well. That is why this platform is ever ready to keep you informed so that such opportunities will not sleep off your fingers.
Finally, lack of finance. Another major challenge in trying out some foreign scholarship offers is the problem of finance. Most foreign scholarships are costly to get due to the activities of some greedy people. Some people extort money from candidates in the disguise of offering help to those candidates. This is bad.

Therefore, we have this two secret to reveal to you.
One, don’t listen to anyone who request for money to process your scholarship for you.
Two, do read the scholarship terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid applying for a scholarship you are not qualified for.

Note, this scholarship offer is for undergraduate programs, Masters degree programs, and PhD programs. And note, it is strictly for candidates from the African countries.

The following programs are available for International scholarship for International students:

  • West Virginia University Scholarships
  • Professional Fellows Program
  • The King’s College Scholarships
  • Depauw University Vera funding
  • University of Mount Olive International Student Scholarship
  • Express Medical Supply Scholarships
  • Joe Bonamassa Blues Guitar Scholarship

West Virginia University Scholarships

West Virginia University is welcoming high achieving international students for Dean’s Scholarship at Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.

The award is open to incoming students graduating from a high school located within the United States for four undergraduate degree programs.

West Virginia University (WVU) established in 1868, is a public research-intensive university. It is known for a broad range of higher education.

Why at West Virginia University? WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design is known for the small-school environment and high-quality undergraduate education – while offering all of the resources of a large university. Click and Apply

Professional Fellows Program

All highly qualified students have an amazing opportunity to gain practical experience related to innovation and entrepreneurship by applying for the Professional Fellows Program. The program is funded by the U.S Department of State.

This is a fully-funded program with comprehensive program support. It is available for those eligible international candidates who wish to take part in a one-month fellowship programme in the USA. Click and Apply here

The King’s College Scholarships

The King’s College is calling for applications for the Founders Scholarship being held in 2020. The program allows students to develop their comprehension of integrating culture and education.

The award opportunity is open to all high school seniors or transfer students who embody the combination of leadership and academic skills and are going to apply for admission at the King’s College. Click and Apply here

Depauw University Vera funding

With the motive of supporting high calibre international applicants, the Depauw University is offering the Vera funding for the academic year 2020-21.

The program is open for those talented international students who will commence in the undergraduate degree coursework at the Depauw in the US. click and apply here

University of Mount Olive International Student Scholarship

Do you want to complete your undergraduate study in the USA? If yes, then apply for the International Student Scholarship implementing by the University of Mount Olive.

The program is accessible for international students who wish to undertake an undergraduate degree program at the university. Click and Apply Here

Express Medical Supply Scholarships

Your creative writing could earn a scholarship! Make a memo about a day in the life of a college student and win $500 to put toward your college expenses.

The Express Medical Supply award is available for part-time and full-time college students to help cover the expenses of tuition and books.

The goal of the contest is to contribute to higher education and learning by offering financial assistance to winning student. Click and Apply here

Joe Bonamassa Blues Guitar Scholarship

MI College of Contemporary Music is now offering applications for the Joe Bonamassa Blues Guitar Scholarship sponsored by the Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation.

The program encourages and supports the educational growth of a blues guitar student at MI. The award focuses on the development of future musicians and encourages the current musicians at MI. click and apply here


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