Top 5 Universities that offer Free Tuition to International Students


Many international students desire to study abroad in certain schools but feel unable to because they can’t afford tuition fees. The good thing is there’s hope for you as many universities actually offer free tuition to international students. If you’d like to know some colleges that offer free tuition, then read on.

To be able to benefit from the free tuition offer, you’ll have to satisfy some terms and conditions. You may be required to work on campus or provide services after graduation at these schools to qualify. Here’s a list of universities that offer free tuition to international students according to U.S. News.

1. Alice Lloyd College (KY)

Located in Kentucky, this school guarantees free tuition to students who live in the Central Appalachian service area. Residents of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia may qualify for Alice Lloyd College’s free tuition program. All students take jobs through the student work program. Tasks include working in maintenance, community service and other duties.

2. The Apprentice School (VA)

With a 100-year history, The Apprentice School provides students with classes and full-time employment in various shipbuilding trades. There is no tuition; instead, students earn $17.34 in the first term of the program and up to $29.73 an hour upon completing the final term of the program. A typical apprenticeship lasts four to five years. Upon completion, international students receive a certificate.

3. Barclay College (KS)

Students at this private Christian college in Kansas attend tuition-free if they live on campus. All students at Barclay College including international students who live on campus qualify for the college’s full-tuition scholarship. “Our goal with the scholarship is for students to be able to graduate without crippling financial burdens,” says Casey Roberts, a spokesman for the college.

4. Berea College (KY)

At Kentucky’s Berea College, students pay no tuition. Each admitted student receives the school’s Tuition Promise Scholarship, which amounts to more than $176,000 over four years, according to the school’s website. Students must work at least 10 hours per week on campus, and they earn roughly $5.60 to $8.60 hourly, which can be used to pay for room, board and books, though students can use up to $1,000 in outside scholarships to pay for books.

5. College of the Ozarks (MO)

Full-time students at the College of the Ozarks in Missouri pay no tuition, but part-time students shell out $310 per credit hour. For those attending full time, the tuition waiver requires they work 15 hours a week, plus two 40-hour weeks during the academic year. Both full-time and part-time students pay a health/technology/services fee. The college uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, called the FAFSA, to determine financial need, admission requirements for the majority of freshmen. Plus, students can use Pell Grants if they are eligible, as determined by the FAFSA to cover additional costs.

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